August 30, 2013:Firefish Announces Status Of 'Primary Olympiad' Enrolments And Launch Of New Product 'Middle School
Olympiad'. Read more here
Aug 19, 2013:Firefish Announces New Communication Strategy and Focus on Education Sector. Read more here
Sept 12, 2012:Firefish Receives Order for Books and Services of about $90,000.Read more here
May 29, 2012:Firefish Selected for Mobile Education App Creation by Pratham.Read more here
May 24, 2012:Firefish Announces Final Phase of Teacher Certification Program.Read more here
May 22, 2012:Firefish Selected for National Marketing Campaign by IIFM. Read more here
April 24, 2012:Firefish announces 10 to 1 forward stock split.Read more here
Feb 24, 2012:Firefish receives two orders from the Government of Chhattisgarh for books and services
to be delivered in partnership with the Cambridge University Press for a total amount of
about $170,000.
Feb 8, 2012:Firefish announces the filing of its quarterly statement for the period ending December
31, 2011.
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