Partnerships make businesses grow. As a result of effective strategic alliances newer and better products can be built. Best practises can be shared and executed.

Firefish has collaborated successfully on diverse projects. We have run certification programs for Teachers and quizzes for high school students. We have built high quality content for training and other purposes. We have also worked on marketing, sourcing, hiring and counselling for trading jobs for top Indian financial companies based in Delhi.

We are continuously looking for more partnerships for Parallel Education initiatives and business development. We are keen to partner with educational entities and provide high quality programs that facilitate better learning outcomes.

We are constantly looking at like minded partners for our various projects. To know more about our projects kindly click on the following links:

Project Sakshar
Project Sewa
Project Sarthi
Project Shikhar

We also invite you to explore an alliance with us for any of our projects.
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